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5 Cool New Gadgets to Keep on Your Radar

This week there were rumors that TikTok was working on a music streaming service to rival the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro is expected to have a new always-on screen. Apple confirmed that your Studio Display might have an issue with its speaker (but there’s a fix). And Google rolled out a design update to Gmail, which you may or not like.

There were quite a few new gadgets that were announced, too. Here’s what you need to know.

Pro-Ject X1 B and X2 B

record player


Pro-Ject announced two high-fidelity turntables this week, the X1 B and X2 B, which are newer versions of the Austrian hi-fi maker’s existing X1 and X2 turntables — but also with “truly balanced connections.” (The “B” is for “balance.”) In fact, these are the company’s first turntables with fully balanced mini XLR outputs. This, in a nutshell, means that these beautiful turntables are specifically designed to better cancel out unwanted noise.

Price: $1,299 — 1,699


Insta360 Link

insta360 link webcam


The Insta360 Link is a new webcam that promises similar AI-based pan and zoom abilities that are integrated into the webcam of Apple’s latest MacBooks, iPads and Studio Display — only it’s able to deliver them in true 4k resolution. It’s able to achieve this by placing a fancy webcam on top of a gimbal, which can them rotate, tilt and track your movement to keep you in focus and in frame.

Price: $300


Plugable USB-C Vameter 3

plugable usb c


The Vameter 3 is a neat little gadget. It’s a power meter that acts as the liaison between a device that takes a USB-C charge (like a laptop or smartphone) and a USB-C charging cable. Once attached, it’ll then show you how much power — in volts, amps and watts — is being transferred to your device. Plugable has made these power meters before, but this is its first one that reach up to 240-watts (although no current laptops or smartphones can even accept that much power).

Price: $30


JLab Open Sport

jlab earbuds


The JLab Open Sport are wireless earbuds with a unique modular design. They come with two types of attachments. One is a pair of earhooks that allows you to wear the Open Sport as workout-focused earbuds that wrap around your ear. Second is a pair of clips that can attached to a pair of glasses (or sunglasses), which might be a more comfortable way to wear them for you.

Price: $80


HyperDrive Thunderbolt 4 Power Hub

thunderbolt 4 power hub


Hyper’s newest power hub is unique because it’s the first to have an integrated Gallium Nitride (GaN) charger. This allows one of its four Thunderbolt 4 ports to provide up to 96-watts of power to your laptop — which is more than it probably can take. Additionally, it’s a very small power hub (again, thanks to the GaN technology) that’s also designed to space gray finish of your MacBook. It’s available on Kickstarter now.

Price: $179 (Kickstarter)


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