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Ayaz Samoo bids Mein Hari Piya goodbye and hints at a new show – Celebrity

Photos: Ayaz Samoo/Instagram

Mein Hari Piya has reached the finish line and actor Ayaz Samoo took to Instagram to look back on the experience and thank his fans, costars and directors for helping him get this far and have a “humbling transitional journey” for his character Salman. The actor also hinted at his return to screens in a new show before signing off.

Calling the experience a “roller coaster ride”, Samoo said it is “finally over but it will stay with us forever.”

Expressing gratitude for his fans, he said, “Thank you so much for all the love and support.” He commented specifically on the transformation of his character and said, “Specially the feedback about the transitional journey of Salman from being hateful to likeable was very humbling.”

Samoo thanked Fahad Mustafa, Dr Ali Kazmi, Badar Mehmood and Arshi Ali for considering him for the role of Salman. He also talked about how his costars inspired him to perform better by performing so well themselves saying, “Plus a big thanks to Sami Khan, Sumbul Iqbal Khan, Naushaba and Hira Mani for being amazing co actors with tremendous performances and for making it easier for me to perform that way.”

Before Samoo ended the post, he dropped a hint, telling people something was coming up “soon”. “See guys on screen with something new coming soon. Till then take care, Love and best wishes. Regards, Ayaz Samoo.”

ARY Digital‘s Mein Hari Piya is a drama consisting of 70 episodes and started airing in Oct 2021. It tells the story of a girl who is happily married but is unable to become a mother. Sara, despite having all the support from her husband and her mother-in-law, gets disheartened.

The cast includes Sami, Maani, Marina Khan, Iqbal, Samoo and Noushaba Javed.

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