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Camilla felt paralysed with a fear that ‘no one would support her’: report

Camilla felt paralysed with a fear that ‘no one would support her’: report

Duchess Camilla’s ‘heartbreaking’ fear on her wedding day has been brought to light.

The emotions that followed Duchess Camilla on her wedding day have been referenced on the Channel 5 documentary Charles and Camilla: King and Queen in Waiting.

In it, royal expert Jenny Bond referenced Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla’s love story and admitted, “I think Charles has always wanted to make Camilla his bride, his wife.”

She also explained, “I think he felt that she had endured a lot of really negative criticism over the years and she had taken it with a lot of dignity and all he wanted was to make her his wife.”

“Having once been widely reviled as an adulteress, she was almost paralysed with fear,” over the thought that no one would be waiting outside for her, as she walked out a new wife with Prince Charles.

Even follow commentator Carole Malone chimed into the conversation and revealed that, She was also “terrified no one would come, she was terrified she’d be booed.”

“I remember seeing this film footage at the time at about 6am and there was no one on the streets of Windsor. It was freezing as well I remember, it was a really cold day.”

“As a journalist I was looking at it and thinking, the only reaction to this is going to be national apathy, which is almost as bad as protest. However, by 10:30am the streets were thronging with people.”

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