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Here’s more on WhatsApp’s plan to allow people to keep disappearing messages

Whatsapp Group Message on iPhone XSource: Luke Filipowicz/iMore

We’d already heard that WhatsApp was planning to make it possible for people to save disappearing messages for later and now a new report has more information on what that will look like once the feature is made available to everyone.

Disappearing messages have long been a way for WhatsApp users to have messages expire after a set amount of time. But as some have found out, sometimes those messages need to stick around longer than others — now, WhatsApp is working on a change that will allow people to save them from being deleted. According to a new WABetaInfo report, the change will see a new interface be added to contact info and group chat management screens.

As you can see in this screenshot, WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new section right within Contact Info and Group Info that lists all kept messages, so they can be easily read later: since everyone in the chat can decide to un-keep those messages, WhatsApp is now planning to make it easier to find them, so they are developing this section.

having a single location where people can go to see all of the saved messages within a single group or single-person chat makes a ton of sense, and while this feature isn’t ready for primetime just yet we do know that it is in development. There is currently no telling when it will be rolled out, however.

WhatsApp is one of the best iPhone messaging apps around thanks to its cross-platform nature. It’s a great way for people to stay in touch with others using non-Apple devices and its end-to-end encryption ensures message content is private, too.

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