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Kanye West lives in Kim Kardashian’s heart even after split

Kanye West lives in Kim Kardashian's heart even after split

Kanye West lives in Kim Kardashians heart even after split

Kim Kardashian has strong feelings for her ex-husband Kanye West  as she knows  the rapper loves her the most even after all his ‘stupidities’.

The mum-of-four latest words suggest as she can never forget precious moments enjoyed with her ex Kanye West and will always have love for the rapper.

The 41-year-old, in a new interview, has beautifully put into words the complications and eternal love that remains within a family, even when the parents-of-four are going through a divorce.

The American TV personality and socialite has revealed how she feels about Kanye West now that their divorce has been finalised.

“The reality is, we’re always a family,” she says. “We always will have a love and respect for each other.”

Pete Davidson’s lovebird elaborated that the good times outweigh the bad. “Even if there’s moments where it might not seem like that, there are so many moments that are super positive.

She added: “I do think it’s important for people to see that things aren’t perfect all the time, but that they can get better.”

Kim Kardashian, during the interview,  also revealed that she won’t criticise Kanye West on her new TV series The Kardashians, which is set to hit screens on 14 April.

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