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WhatsApp Android to iOS chat transfers could be imminent

When WhatsApp launched its iOS to Android chat transfer tool last year, we figured it wouldn’t be long before you could send those conversations in the other direction.

Now that looks to be coming to fruition, with the latest beta versions of the chat app now offering Android to iOS chat migration.

The feature had been previewed within a previous version of the Android app beta, but it has now been built upon within the iPhone version for the first time.

The feature will require the cooperation of the Move to iOS Android app, Apple users to onboard Android users, while the new beta also shows a screen where WhatsApp will ask the user for permission before commencing the transfer. However, even those on the beta won’t be able to use the feature just yet.

“Unfortunately, this feature is not available right now, and supported operating systems are unknown. We don’t have details about the release of the feature, but we’re following the development and we will inform you when there is news,” the report says.

Currently the feature on Android is available to Samsung Galaxy phones and Pixel devices, while the iOS to Android feature is scheduled to arrive on all devices running Android 12 at some point. It’s about time the reverse was possible too.

Back in August last year, WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart hinted the feature would eventually be available across the platforms. He wrote in a tweet: “Want to securely take your WhatsApp history from one platform to another? We’re working to make this possible starting with @SamsungMobile devices, and it’s coming to @Android and iOS phones soon.”

Elsewhere, the company is also working on two-step verification for WhatsApp on the web and desktop; another long requested feature. WhatsApp has been pretty good about getting these new features out to the masses recently, so we expect the rollout to come sooner rather than later.

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